E1 Vote

Comment below in order to vote for one of the following films/ graphic novel or make a suggestion for an alternative film or novel that fits in to our main topic ‘growing up’.




24 responses to “E1 Vote

  1. I am for lol because this film is the best one. I think Persepolis is not interesting because it is not with real people. Juno would be also ok but I prefer lol.

  2. I would agree with the others. LOL or Juno. But I already watched Lol in both versions and I like the older one more.

  3. I would like to watch the film Lol because I think this film deals best with the problems of teenagers.

  4. I prefer the film lol, because It is about the topic growing-up. The film shows a picture how the teenager change themself. Futhermore Lol shows also the picture of a typical 15-year-old youngster.

  5. I would enjoy watching and working with the film LOL, because I like the story of the film. What I like less is Persepolis, because it is an animated black-and-white film, but Juno would be okay too.

  6. I’m also for LOL or Juno because i prefer films with real people, but maybe LOL is a bit more interesting for our age.

  7. I am for LOL because I think it is too exaggerated that Juno is pregnant and LOL is perfect for growing up.

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