GSF – g8

Class test no. 3 – topics and materials

Fast fashion/ sweatshops:

• work sheets on that topic
• fast fashion:
• The Life Cycle of a T-shirt:

Everyday life for American teenagers including prom:

  • p. 48-54
  • work sheets on prom

Grammar: G5 – G7 The gerund and infinitive p.149-155


  • Unit 2 until p.178 
  • work sheets (especially the ones on prom !!!)

Writing: fast fashion and prom (i.a. defining key terms)

 useful phrases p. 22
 p. 47 + useful phrases p. 40, 47

Revision B: p. 58-63; wb. p. 37-39

Fast fashion – mediation

Task: Imagine that you are watching this short film with your exchange partner John from the US. Unfortunately his German is not that good so that he doesn’t understand everything. Tell him the most important information in English.

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